A new Take On dinner theater

colorado buffalo adventures

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A new Take On dinner theater

Live buffalo are center stage during our 1880s dinner theater experience. Meet Teddy Roosevelt, Wyatt Earp, Charles Goodnight, an Apache buffalo medicine man.

Nearly every dinner theater show in America utilizes one of two tired formulas – a musical or slapstick comedy. Often it’s a combination of the two.

I’ll bet you’ve never imagined that live buffalo could play a role in dinner theater! At Colorado Buffalo Adventures, that’s exactly what you’ll experience. We’ve reimagined dinner theater, adding live buffalo into the mix to create a real-life adventure you won’t soon forget.

Neil Fischer | Owner | Colorado Buffalo Adventures

guest hand feeding buffalo at colorado buffalo adventures

Have you ever stood next to a full-grown buffalo? Yeah, we’ve all seen the videos of morons who thought that was a good idea in places like Yellowstone and Custer State Park. It doesn’t end well.

This isn’t that.

At Colorado Buffalo Adventures, we’ve developed a safe way for wildlife lovers to have an up-close interaction with buffalo. Given our propensity for creativity and our passion for buffalo, we went even further and came up with a dinner show that tells the heart wrenching story of America’s most majestic wild animal in an engaging and entertaining fashion.

hand feeding buffalo from haywagon at colorado buffalo adventures

Then we threw in an up-close encounter with our buffalo! You’ll go out in our hay wagon where you’ll be surrounded by the herd and have the chance to hand-feed them without worrying about getting trampled or catching a horn. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to take a selfie or some video.

teddy roosevelt at colorado buffalo adventures

Be transported to the American plains in the1880s when buffalo were near the brink of extinction. You’re sure to be surprised and delighted as you watch Teddy Roosevelt share about his role in what later became America’s conservation movement.

apache buffalo medicine man colorado buffalo adventures

Meet an Apache buffalo medicine man and his wife, a Ute native, who share about the role buffalo played in their culture. Be on the lookout for Wyatt Earp who’s gunning for buffalo poachers. Get to know cattle rancher Charles Goodnight whose wife encouraged him to help save the bison. You’ll enjoy meeting guests from all over during a barbecue dinner on vintage china in our beautiful Something Blue barn.

guests at vip table with performers colorado buffalo adventures

Colorado offers a broad array of adventurous recreational options. If you’re looking for an adventure that includes a cultural experience, great food, history delivered in an engaging manner, and plenty of outdoor fun, come to our Buffalo Adventure. It’s about three hours long, is fun for all ages — an interactive western experience on a real buffalo ranch — perfect for Coloradans and tourists alike.

We have six Buffalo Adventures on our 2020 calendar and they’re sure to sell out quickly. If you want to attend, we recommend buying tickets early. Click here for dates and tickets. (Tickets for 2020 will be available in early November of 2019.)

Our Buffalo Adventure lasts about three hours. We also have a shorter event called a Buffalo Encounter. These happen several times a week and last about 90 minutes. Learn more here.

Need Group Tickets? If you want to book a group of 25 or more, please call 303.647.8210.

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