Wedding Venue

What you’ll experience here…
Warm hospitality – the kind that involves first names, handshakes and attention to the sort of details that create wonderful lifelong memories.

The space

Our Something Blue barn features a historic oak floor reminiscent of an 1800s saloon. We used rustic and repurposed finishes throughout the project but also included many modern conveniences such as:

built-in restrooms
a modern catering prep space
custom-made lighting you won’t find anywhere else

Below is a brief preview. Check out our gallery for more images.

What Sets Us Apart


Barn weddings are popular and we know Colorado offers plenty of options. But we’re guessing you want more than a tired red barn.

Are you nodding your head? We’ve got you covered!

Have buffalo as guests at your wedding. Yes, really! We can move the herd directly behind your outdoor ceremony so they’ll be in your photos! 


You won’t find a cold, hard concrete floor in our Something Blue Barn. We used historic red oak from Oklahoma to create an 1800s saloon style floor. Our lights were designed using antique farm implement wheels, an old ladder and an original fencepost from our ranch.

And that’s just for starters. We used a plethora of antique and repurposed materials to create a timeless, authentic design.

Outdoor Fun

Treat your guests to a Buffalo Encounter where they’ll be surrounded by the herd and can even hand feed them from our hay wagon. 

Your guests won’t be checking their watches while you’re having your photos taken because they’ll be having so much fun. They can also play horseshoes and corn hole, view the buffalo, and take advantage of plenty of unique photo ops.

Let's make your day unforgettable

Be surrounded by nature’s unfiltered beauty. We have plenty of room indoors but we think you’ll prefer spending time outside where you can bask in the untamed majesty of our buffalo herd, expansive prairie landscape, awe-inspiring sunsets and panoramic mountain views. Stroll along the pathways where you’ll be pleasantly surprised by a broad spectrum of plants and flowers and a surprising array of unique photo opportunities.

We realize it’s common practice to post pricing online but that’s not how we work. It’s so impersonal! Ours is a boutique space inside and out, and we prefer to develop relationships with potential clients in a more personal manner. 
If a high-level guest experience in an upscale rustic setting resonates with you, we need to talk! 
There’s no place in the country that compares to our ranch. Likewise, we assume you want your wedding to reflect your personalities and tastes. We’re eager to hear the vision you have for your special day.

Want to Learn more?

If you’ll give us a few minutes on the phone, we’ll share all the details you’re after so we can each determine whether we’re a good fit. Prices start at $3500 and include tables, chairs, vintage china, water goblets, flatware, 8 hours on site, patio tables/chairs, outdoor fireplace, 2 wedding party lounges, and much more.

owners colorado buffalo adventures

Our Story

It was a simple, straightforward idea; buy a horse property because our children wanted horses. But, as most of us know, sometimes a simple idea turns into an experience we never intended.

We found a property that fit the bill. The owner had a buffalo operation and, well, we got to talking. We were enamored of the beasties. Long story short, we didn’t end up buying the property but the owner became a good friend and helped us get into the buffalo business.

In the ensuing years, we developed a hankering for something more. We wanted to find a way to share our love of buffalo with others. We’ve all seen the morons who get too close to bison in places like Yellowstone and pay the price when the wild animals act, well, wild. People get hurt and buffalo get a bad reputation.

We set out to create a way for guests to safely interact with our buffalo. Once again, a simple idea turned into a big production. We relandscaped our property and turned our barn into a boutique space worthy of hosting memorable events.

Now we have beautiful spaces – indoors and out – where we work with our talented event partners to create lifelong memories for guests. We hope you’ll let us play a role in bringing the wedding you envision to life in our authentic, timeless setting.

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